File Formats

.ZIP is a compression format that allows several files to be stored within a single file. .ZIP files are the most common format for users of the Windows operating system. You can use a utility such as WinZip to extract the contents of the .ZIP file.

.SIT is another compression format similar in purpose to .ZIP files, though this format is used most often by Macintosh users. Utilities for extracting the contents of .SIT files can be obtained from Aladdin Systems.

.PRC is the native format of Palm OS applications. This is an uncompressed file that can be installed directly to your Palm OS device using the Install Tool provided with your Palm Desktop software. You can download this file if you do not have a .ZIP or .SIT extraction utility though we recommend that you download either the .ZIP or .SIT if you can, as these may also contain documentation and other supplementary files.

If you get a screen of garbled text when you click on one of the download links, right-click on the link and select "Save Target As...". If you have any other download problems please email us and we'll try to help.