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CorrectHack is a HackMaster hack that allows you to define a list of commonly misspelled words or abreviations that will be automatically replaced with the correct spelling or expanded text when entered into any edit field. For instance, you can set up CorrectHack to automatically replace 'teh' with 'the' or to replace your initials with your full name. You must install HackMaster for CorrectHack to function.

If you are using a device with Palm OS 5.0 or newer, you should use Textras instead of CorrectHack. Though devices running Palm OS 5.0 and newer do not natively support hacks, you can use CorrectHack with these devices, but you must use TealMaster as your extension manager. It's possible that CorrectHack will not work on a future revision of the Palm OS.

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