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Dove Software is mostly one guy - me - Matt Peterson. My "employees" are my wife and four daughters, who help out primarily by providing lots of hugs and occasionally dropping something in the mail for me. You'll notice I use the words "we" and "us" throughout this site. It just seems more natural in the context of discussing products. You can just assume I mean "the girls and I".

Dove Software is named after my wife, Dovie. I decided to write a shareware application about 8 years ago when we were dating and I needed to come up with a name for my company. I was of course crazy about this Dovie girl so I named my company "Dovcom." 8 years later I was still crazy about Dovie, but the name "Dovcom" just wasn't working. No one could spell it or pronounce it and it just seemed awkward so now it's Dove Software.

I've been programming since I was in 4th grade. I had produced a few Windows shareware applications before the Pilot arrive on the scene. I was thrilled by this new toy. A truly useful gadget that I could take everywhere I go. I still have my original Pilot 1000 on my computer desk, though my everyday device is now a Palm IIIc. In the past few years I have also owned a PalmPilot Personal, PalmPilot Pro, Palm III and Palm V.

I started developing Palm OS software in 1996 as one of the first 25 or so shareware developers to discover this device and haven't found anything since that's as enjoyable to program for. I like the idea of being able to take my "creations" with me everywhere.

Since starting in Palm development I've taken on several contract programming jobs including work on commercial packages and custom development for large and small companies, usually involving modification on an existing shareware package.

A few of our applications are freeware. Freeware applications are fully functional and yours to use indefinitely without any obligation to us. Generally these are programs that have we have developed because we thought they would be useful but are not substantial enough that we can justify charging a fee.

Shareware is a "try before you by" method of software distribution. Our downloadable shareware applications are also fully functional, but with an obligation on the user's part to register for a small fee(usually $12-$14) if they decide to use the product beyond the initial evaluation period of 30 days. The evaluation versions of these programs are fully functional but may have some non-intrusive reminders that they are not registered products.